Victoria Arduino Venus Family Espresso Machine

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  • Tap-Operated Steam Wand
  • Produce Excellent Coffee
  • Boiler Water Temperature Adjustment
  • Hand-Crafted Design



Venus Family is a semi-professional espresso machine. Its aesthetics make the Venus Family an exquisite piece for the home or office. At the same time it is a functional, simple coffee machine with excellent performance.

Designed in vintage espresso machine style, the Venus Family looks just like a Venus Bar from Victoria Arduino only in miniature.The enduring, traditional dome-style Venus is capped with the signature Victoria Arduino eagle that has signified sophisticated, advanced and lasting espresso machines for well over seventy years both in their home country Italy, and all over the world. Much more than just a pleasing work of art, the Venus Family also brews wonderful espressos and features a steam wand for making exquisite cappuccinos and lattes as well.


Original espresso - Make coffee like the old Italian masters designed. Semi-automatic dosing control maintains consistent pressure while allowing you to decide when the extraction is complete.

Compact design - The Venus Bar is a high-end small coffee machine making it ideal for the boutique coffee shop or even the home barista. Pressostat controlled 2.3 liter boiler.

Truly handmade coffee - Get hands-on like no other machine available on the market. Traditional, elegant sculpting and domed design give a nostalgic, vintage feeling to any home.



Hand-crafted design - Emulating the original Victoria Ardunino machines of the mid-20th century, the Venus is handcrafted in Chienti, Italy.

Traditional controls - Old school controls make coffee that is a throwback to the heyday of espresso innovation.

Tap-operated steam wand - Froth milk quickly, easily and precisely with the dial control steam wand. Manual, swiveling steam wand gives you unmatched control and versatility while steaming and frothing.

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