Qavashop is the largest online store dedicated to providing home baristas and coffee enthusiasts with the best coffee and state of the art equipment for their home and office.Qavashop was founded on 2018. Serving clients throughout Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, and Oman; our vision is to make it easy for coffee lovers to enjoy coffee anytime and anywhere. We represent some of the biggest coffee brands in the coffee world, making coffee an accessible hobby and way of life. 

Here at Qavashop, we offer consumers only the finest products that will help them prepare great cups of coffee all the time. Our online store has a large collection of the best coffee in the market, including single-origin specialty, Italian style dark roasts, and green coffee beans for home roasting. We also provide a wide range of coffee machines, grinders, accessories, and merchandise that any coffee lover would love. Let us help you join the coffee community and find everything you need to make your perfect cup of coffee. Whether you’re a serious coffee professional or starting home barista, we’re here for you. Our team is made up of coffee professionals, a Q Grader, Specialty Coffee Association AST, e-commerce experts, experienced technicians, dedicated customer service agents, and new coffee lovers!

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