Track Maintenance Requests on the Go!

Booking and managing service calls for your Qavashop-ordered equipment is now easier with the SphereY app!

This maintenance booking and management app is all you need to request for repairs on any of the Coffee equipment you ordered from us.


All Your Records Updated with Ease

All of your purchases from Qavashop will automatically show up on your SphereY app, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of listing all your orders manually. You will also be able to add your stores to the app and have the technician show up to your exact location every time.

Save Time on Monitoring Your Requests

Because we value your time and efforts as a coffee enthusiast, we want you to feel at ease knowing that your maintenance requests are being processed and are moving along smoothly. You can easily monitor the progress of each repair request you have made through the dashboard.

Easy-to Use Control Panel

Through SphereY’s easy-to-use control panel, you will be able to attach photos and videos to the report for early inspection, so the technician can save you time and money by getting the parts you need beforehand.

Receive Quotes and Notifications Timely

Request, receive and view your quotations quickly and easily through the Quotation tab. And with SphereY’s unique notification feature, you can receive information and updates through your email and phone screen so you will never have to miss an update.

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