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List your used machine in front of thousands of coffee lovers.

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It only takes minutes to list your used machine at Qavashop.

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We don’t take listing fees, you can list your items for free. We only charge you once you sell.

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Our team will pick up your item and take care of the rest.

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You can sell any used coffee machine or grinder

How do I get paid?

Once the item is delivered, and the buyer is happy with it, you will get paid within 14 days. Payment will be deposited directly to your bank account.

How much is Qavashop’s commission?

0% commission when you choose a Qavashop voucher, and 20% commission if you choose cash payout option.

How is my item scheduled for pickup?

Once your used machine is sold, you can schedule pickup from your account dashboard. Our logistics partner will contact you to schedule pickup. Remember to follow the package guidelines in the How-to page.

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