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Kalita was established in Japan in 1958. The company started with manufacturing paper coffee filters but has since then expanded into making a whole line of coffee accessories. If you have never heard of the Kalita Wave series of pour over coffee drippers then you’re missing out on a great deal. The design of these drippers maximizes the evenness in coffee extraction and ensures a uniform brew, allowing the full coffee flavor to shine through. 

The Kalita Wave Server 500 ml is just one of the products that you can get from this brand. Its heat-resistant tempered glass is perfect for making an ideal coffee beverage. You can expect all other Kalita products to have the same level of quality.


Kalita 102 Copper Dripper

305 SAR
Single-Serving Durable and Attractive Fabulously Good Drip Deceptively Simple Device
Kalita Wave Server 500 ml
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Kalita Wave Server 500 ml

110 SAR
Heat Resistant Tempered Glass Beautiful Coffee or Tea Server Dishwasher and Microwave Safe 500ml
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