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Cold Brew Coffee has grown over the years and rightfully so here in the Middle East as it’s a refreshing afternoon coffee in the summer heat. Cold brew coffee can be made through a variety of techniques and brewing styles, ranging from immersion, drip, concentrate and all sorts of hybrids. However you choose to make cold brew coffee, Qavashop has the top cold brew coffee makers such as Toddy Cold Brew and Bruer.

Cold Brew 50 Filter
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Cold Brew

Brewista Cold Pro Smart Brew PLA Filters - Pack...

377.20 SAR 471.50 SAR
100% annually renewable materials No wood-producing plant content Spun-bond web biopolymer PLA Designed to fit most popular cold brew coffee systems  Neutral odor and taste Silky textile-like feel Comes folded in a pack of 50
Brewista Cold Pro Jr. Brewista Cold Pro Jr. 2
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Cold Brew

Brewista Cold Pro Jr. Cold Brew System - 2 Liter

138.92 SAR 173.65 SAR
Polyethylene brewer  2-liter with lid Clear polyethylene 2-liter carafe with lid Lever-controlled open/close drain design for easy cleanup Integrated handles in the brewer and carafe Carafe nests inside brewer for reduced storage space Dishwasher safe, BPA free  Comes with 1 outlet filter, 2 paper filters, 1 PLA filter, and 1 packet of Cold Pro...
stainless steel dredger padauk cover
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Pour Overs

Cafede Kona Coffee Sieve Shaker Sifter Smelling...

Cafede Kona
38.64 SAR 55.20 SAR
Food grade stainless steel body with a wooden cover Capacity: 350ml Color: Silver Fine sieve to filter out very fine coffee powder Stylish design with an anti-slip base
  • SAVE 862.5 SAR
Cold Brew

Hiroia Ziggy Cold Brew Coffee Maker

7,762.50 SAR 8,625.00 SAR
Uses a patented cold infusion extraction technology Brews cold coffee in just 5-8 minutes Intelligent digital interface allowing for adjusting parameters by APP High-precision digital control system for stable and consistent cup output
NAIKO Nitro Dispenser NAIKO Nitro Dispenser 2
Cold Brew

NAIKO Nitro Dispenser

Naiko Nitrogen Dispenser
14,808.55 SAR
The NAIKO Nitro Dispenser is a new coffee accessory that will allow customers to enjoy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and other nitrogen-infused beverages. This innovative product serves as the perfect synergy between high-quality technology and forward thinking customer demands. The integrated injection module features real time nitrogen injections for...
MIBRU Stainless Steel Milk Tea Cocktail Drink Shaker Drink Making Kit Mixer Making Gift Compatible Replacement Part Cold Drinks

MIBRU Stainless Steel Milk Tea Cocktail Drink...

190.90 SAR
You can use this stainless steel drink mixer set to prepare a variety of delicious drinks. It is a must-have for preparing a variety of drinks. The set includes all the essential tools: 1 wooden stand, 1 mixing bowl 550 capacity, 1 ice strainer, 1 masher, 1 spoon, 2 pouring heads, 1 opener, 1 double-ended cup, 1 ice tongs. This set has smooth,...
MIBRU Coffee Coldbrew Coffee Maker MIBRU Coffee Coldbrew Coffee Maker 2
Cold Brew

MIBRU Coffee Coldbrew Coffee Maker

146.05 SAR
The adjustable dripper can precisely control the speed of dripping snow, so you can control the time and taste according to your preference (usually 6-7 drops every 10 seconds. 4 cups), using your favorite coffee powder or tea, and set the time Brew according to the desired intensity. Our cold brew coffee machine extracts coffee concentrate, which can be...
MIBRU Coffee Netro Maker Bottle 1000ml Stainless Steel MIBRU Coffee Netro Maker Bottle 1000ml Stainless Steel 2
Cold Brew

MIBRU Coffee Netro Maker Bottle 1000ml...

230.00 SAR
Lightweight & Portable: Our Nitro Infuser is one of the most portable options on the market, and it’s lightweight and compact design make it a sleek addition to a kitchen of any size. Easy and Fun To Use: Our Nitro kit includes (almost) everything you need to get started, just purchase compatible Nitrogen chargers! We include super simple...
Cold Brew

MIBRU Transparent Hand Mixing Shaker 500ml

29.90 SAR
Clear scale for more convenient use Suitable for home Shaking base Filter Lid It has a glossy and mirror finish, is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Toddy Cold Brew System Small Size Filter 2
Cold Brew

Toddy Cold Brew System Small Size Filter 2

19.55 SAR
Extracts all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee Designed specifically for the Toddy Cold Brew System, Toddy Filters come 2 to a bag Replace after 10 to 12 uses or after 3 months Cleaning simply requires rinsing the filter under running water to remove any residue, squeezing off any moisture No soap needed Made in the USA
Coffee Glass Cold Brew Maker 500ml Coffee Glass Cold Brew Maker 500ml 2
Cold Brew

Coffee Glass Cold Brew Maker 500ml

150.65 SAR
Cold brew coffee maker makes it easier than ever to make a barista-quality caffeine-cooled glass High quality material -: the ice water bottle for cold coffee maker is made of high borosilicate glass which is safe and durable More resistant to heat and cold than ordinary glass. - Withstands the temperature difference between 20° C and 120 C degrees...
Brewista Cold Pro Jr. Smart Brew PLA Filter, Tree Free Alternative – 25 pack

Brewista Cold Pro Jr. Smart Brew PLA Filter –...

104.65 SAR
This pack of 25 filters is designed specifically for use with the Brewista Cold Pro Jr. machine, ensuring optimal performance and delicious cold-brew coffee every time. Made from high-quality, 100% annually renewable materials  Spun-bond web biopolymer PLA construction ensures consistently precise flow-through performance Designed to fit most popular...
Brewista Cold Pro Jr. 2 Liter Cold Brew System
Cold Brew

Brewista Cold Pro Jr. Cold Brew System - 2Liter

172.50 SAR
Designed and manufactured in the USA Lever-controlled open/close drain design makes it easy to use and clean up Recessed outlet filter holder with easy removal access and convenient finger notch for simple filter removal after brewing. Made from durable polycarbonate material for long-lasting use Uses paper filters for optimal flavor extraction The...
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Liss 10 Nitrogen Capsules

51.75 SAR
The LISS Nitrogen Chargers contain 2.2 g of pure, food-grade N2 gas. 1 charger is sufficient for 0.5 l of liquid, making the drinks' flavor a creamy effect. It can be used in the whippers and siphons too.

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