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Pullman, an Australian company which has been manufacturing coffee tampers since 2002, they make a great effort to produce progressive, high-quality tools that meet the expectations of the ever-evolving coffee industry. Whether planning to make your espresso at home or even opening up your own business, Pullman will never let you down with the quality of work they have given on their products. Every material that they use is originated from Australia, which means that you can be certain that you are getting premium quality products made from premium quality materials.

Their flagship products are their Barista tampers, which are perfectly complemented by the accuracy and balance of the Pullman Bigstep Tamper and Barista base. They offer a great blend of style and durability, which is visible in all of their products, and they are useful in both commercial and home use. Pullman tampers may well be the last tamper you ever need to buy.

Pullman Tampesure Kit

Pullman TampSure Kit

393 SAR
Easy to Use No More Strains Stress Free Perfect Coffee Quality
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