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Everyone wants the freshest cup of coffee, in order to get that you need to start with fresh coffee beans. A coffee bean storage container is the best way to go. Once you open up that coffee bag, pour your beans into an airtight container and place it away from heat and light. Crafting your favorite cup of coffee can be an easy and enjoyable process, but you need to ensure you’re using fresh beans and avoiding stale coffee. At Qavashop we never recommend placing coffee beans in the freezer, the best way to preserve your coffee is through using a coffee storage container.

Diguo Coffee Canister with Vent Valve 250g Diguo Coffee Canister with Vent Valve 250g 2

Diguo Coffee Canister with Vent Valve 250g

127 SAR
Tough enough for the rough-and-tumble of kitchen life The date wheel on the lid lets you keep track of freshness Locks away the flavor of your coffee by forming a vacuum-tight seal which still allows harmful CO2 to be vented out Airtight coffee bean storage with built-in valve never needs to be replaced

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