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Once in a while, a brand would come along and introduce a product that would turn out to be a real game-changer. That’s what Bruer is all about. Cold drip brew used to be only available in rare specialty shops. Its less acidic and less bitter flavor was considered by many coffee aficionados to be very unique. When they introduced the Cold Bruer, this Coffee making method became available to a lot more people. 

The Bruer Cold Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer can be used to produce cold coffee that is naturally sweet. The beverage is richer and smoother, which makes customers fall in love with it. Unlike other coffee makers and espresso Machines, the product is also quite entertaining. Since it is transparent, you can see what is going on inside, while your coffee is being made.

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Cold Brew

Bruer Cold Drip System

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328.57 SAR
Made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and food-grade silicone Adjustable drip rate Dishwasher safe Includes 100 paper filters Makes 590ml

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