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Acaia started in 2013 when the founder discovered that there is a lack of functional and precise scales that can be used for preparing Coffee. Its first product, the Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale was funded successfully through Kickstarter and the company has continued on a winning streak with their Coffee Scales since then. In 2014, the Pearl Coffee Scale won the Best New Product Award at the SCAA Expo.

Acaia products are characterized by precision and excellent design. They are designed to help monitor and accurately measure the weight, flow-rate and time while brewing coffee. With Acaia coffee scales you can ensure that you brew your coffee perfectly every single time. The company has now branched out to making other coffee related products too.

Buy Acaia Pearl Scale (White) in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam Buy Acaia Pearl Scale (White) in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam 2
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Acaia Pearl Scale (White)

806.55 SAR 849.00 SAR
Accurate Weighs Fast Modern and Minimalistic Bluetooth Designed
Buy Acaia Lunar Scale 2021 in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam
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Acaia Lunar Scale 2021

1,347.58 SAR 1,418.50 SAR
Real-time Flow-Rate Indicator: with the LED bar that provides instant updates on the espresso's flow-rate. Detect and address channeling issues in real-time Effortless Tare Save Function: Simplify your brewing routine by saving the weight of your container.  Enhanced Brewing Summary: Take your brewing skills to new heights with the upgraded Auto...

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