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Victoria Arduino Theresia Espresso Machine

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21,904 SAR
VAT Included
VAT Included
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  • Manual & Volumetric Dosing
  • 3 Independent PID Controllers
  • Soft Infusion System
  • TFT LCD Display Screen
  • Cool Touch Wands
  • Push Pull Steam
  • Automated Cleaning

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Victoria Arduino Theresia Espresso Machine
21,904 SAR

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Victoria Arduino Theresia Espresso Machine

An exquisite machine that is attractive, simple, and functional. Combining tradition and innovation the Theresia is an espresso machine designed for indulging in the perfect espresso. Not only as a leisure break, but as a little luxury to appreciate and savor.


Elegant Design - The Theresia, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, it is an espresso machine for the coffee connoisseur to have at home and in the office. The body of the machine is made of supermirror stainless steel. The steel is processed by an experienced craftsmen who, after laser cutting the metal, folds the material 112 times. Leaving the finished project to be one of the most stylized machines.

T3 Technology - It means the Barista can set the delivery temperature of each group though three different temperature parameters: water in fusion, steam, and delivery group. The machine does the rest: digital pressure and temperature sensors instantaneously send information to the controller, which through three independent PIDs actively manages each variable.

HEES Technology - A new extraction system, the High Efficiency Extraction System (HEES). HEES enhances the aroma of each coffee blend in the cup because it transfers all the splendid and creamy substances right through the new extraction system. The repeatability of results and persistence of the crema are the main advantages of this technology that corrects tamping errors arising from an inexperienced hand, ensuring a perfect espresso.

LED screen - The Theresia “talks” to the barista and shares all the information provided by the T3 systems. The TFT display gives the user all data in real time to help deliver the best espresso possible,  electronic temperature adjustment, grind check, shot time, on/off programming and maintenance programming

PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) - PID technology allows the barista to monitor and manipulate the temperatures via the LCD display with only a few clicks to a very precise degree. Giving the barista even more control of the brewing process.

SIS (Soft Infusion System) - SIS guarantees soft and creamy espresso extractions every time. It does this by monitoring pressure in the system and gradually increases this pressure as the extraction process continues. A process which is extremely important when you are looking for the best possible cup.

Smart Functions - Theresia coffee machine embodies the technology of champions in its small size. Independent regulation of the brewing group, the water boiler and steam temperature as well as adjustable dose quantity and pre-infusion time guarantee excellent extractions and consistency. The system limits power consumption with heating management of the components that saves energy.

Cool Touch Nozzle - The steam nozzle has a patented “Cool Touch” design which, in addition to ensuring greater security against the annoying possibility of scalding, also ensures easy cleaning (and significantly reduces the formation of milk scale).

Teflon Filter Holder - The Victoria Arduino Theresia T3 has a special holder with Teflon coating that offers superior cleaning, which preserves the aroma of the coffee in your cup.

Excellent Extractions - Conveyed through the independent temperature-regulation of the grouphead and boilers for coffee and steam; easy-adjusting of the amount of extraction doses and pre-infusion time.

Energy-Saving - Delivered through automated programming (machine on/ off) as well as via the power consumption limitation system which offers heating management for the machine’s components.

Quick Programming - For maintenance, cleaning and filter replacement functionality.

Product Details

Stainless Steel
Water Source
Tank/ Plumb In
Brew Boiler Material
Stainless Steel
Pump Type
Rotary Pump
Depth (cm)
46 cm
Width (cm)
43 cm
Height (cm)
58.5 cm
Weight (kg)
32 kg
3000 W
Frequency (Hz)
60, 50 Hz
Voltage (V)


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