ECM Mechanika Iv Espresso Machine

ECM Mechanika IV Espresso Machine

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The Mechanika IV is a stylish espresso machine from ECM. This model uses a heat exchanger system and a viberation pump. It has a high quality ECM brew group with a stainless steel bell and 2 portafilters with weight-balanced shape. It has an easy to access expansion valve,  2.1-L boiler, and 3-L water tank.


If you prefer your espresso machine to have a handcrafted and nostalgic look, then the Mechanika IV from ECM is the product that you have been looking for. Here are some its features:

  • The Mechanika IV is an elegantly designed piece of machine from ECM, a leading manufacturer of coffee equipment.

  • It is equipped with the high quality ECM brew group that utilizes the unique stainless steel bell.

  • The Mechanika IV uses a heat exchanger system and a viberation pump.

  • The water tank of the unit is easy to access because of the removable cup warming tray.

  • It comes with 2 portafilters complete with weight-balanced shape.

  • The expansion valve is easy to access which makes the individual brew adjustment quite easy.

  • Product dimensions: 302 mm x 450 mm x 395 mm

  • Approximate water tank capacity: 3 L

  • Approximate boiler volume:  2.1 L

  • Product weight: 22.5 Kg.


Get the Mechanika IV. It will be an asset, not only because of its classical appearance but because of the quality espresso that it can deliver.

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