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Buy ECM Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine in Saudi Arabia

ECM Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine

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7,666 SAR
VAT Included
  • Compact Design
  • Large stainless steel boiler 2.2l
  • Commercial Grade Vibratory Pump
  • Exquisitely Crafted to Perfection




The ECM Mechanika V Slim is a heat exchanger espresso machine with a new stainless steel boiler has a slightly increased capacity of 2.2L and features thermal insulation for greater energy efficiency, an E61 group head, a quiet vibratory pump, and an internal water reservoir, that evoke feelings of traditional Italian espresso machines and their hand-built quality.

This machine is a great option for the prosumer's home or office kitchen, If you're looking for an ergonomic portafilter design and dual pressure gauges, this one may be for you.

Heat Exchanger

The Mechanika V Slim is equipped with a 1400 W stainless steel boiler with a capacity of 2.2 L. As a heat exchanger machine, you can expect to brew and steam without waiting, or even at the same time.

E61 Brew Group

The E61 grouphead is constantly heated with water from the thermosyphon system for temperature stability. It also features a pre-infusion cylinder to aid in the extraction process.

Low Water Sensor

It will alert you to a low water level with a flashing light on the front of the machines.As a precaution, the machines will also cut the power in the event that the water level gets too low.

No Burn Steam And Hot Water Wand

The steam wand on ECM come with a full range of rotation, which means that you can better angle your pitcher to aerate the milk and promote even heat distribution.

Cleaning the steam wand will also be easier since milk residues won't stick to them as quickly

Compact Design

The Mechanika V Slim, at 25 cm wide and 39.5 cm tall, doesn't ask for much space at all, fitting comfortably beneath standard kitchen cabinetry and leaving plenty of room on the counter.

Handmade & High-End Construction

The machine is housed in mirror-finished, stainless steel panels. It rests on a one-piece internal steel frame, which protects it from bending or bowing during shipping or as the result of continuous use.

Product Details

Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray
Water Tank Access
Water Tank Capacity (l)
Water Source
Boiler Configuration
Number of Boilers
Steam Wand Material
Stainless Steel
Brew Group Type
Filter Diameter (mm)
Depth (cm)
44.5 cm
Width (cm)
25 cm
Height (cm)
39.5 cm
Weight (kg)
20.2 kg
Frequency (Hz)
60, 50 Hz



1 Reviews

مكينة خرافية بسعر رهيب
مكينة رائعة جداً واداء جبار سواء في الاستخلاص أو التبخير ، علما أنها روتاري مضخة دورانية ويمكن امدادها بمصدر ماء خارجي أو بالخزان . بصراحة السعر أكثر من رائع والمكينة صيدة

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