Rocket R 58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine V2

Rocket R 58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine V2

R 58 V
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  • Superb Versatility with Espresso
  • Delivers Excellent Layer of Crema
  • Handmade Italian Quality
  • Sturdy, Polished Stainless Steel



This Rocket R58 espresso machine, with dual boilers, is truly a step-up from every espresso machines. It's heavy, well constructed, and allows us to make wonderful espresso and easily froths milks. You'll get your money's worth, on this excellent machine. R58 is easy to setup, use and creates a great single/double shot of espresso every time.



Dual Boiler - The R58 features dual heavy duty, insulated copper boilers. Brew and steam simultaneously with increased efficiency and zero loss of pressure with an R58. Insulation ensures the noise level will be kept to a minimum.

Plumbable - Connect your R58 directly up to your water line with the included hardware. Easily switch back and forth between direct plumbed and reservoir with the flick of a switch. Spend more time mastering the craft of espresso by reducing your time spent constantly refilling your water reservoir.

Dual PID Temperature Control - Manually control the temperature of your boilers with the convenient touch of a button. Customize your shots of espresso to your exact temperature specifications on the Rocket R58.

Commercial Rotary Pump - Quieter than ever, the rotary pump on this machine allows the user to adjust pump pressure. If you've ever watched YouTube videos of a manual espresso machine, you've noticed how noisy they can be. Unfortunately, this is just a reality of most home espresso machines. However, the R58 is quiet thanks to a commercial-quality rotary pump.

Dual Pre-Infusion - This system is essential to bringing out the full flavors and aromas of your beans. The R58 will properly and evenly douse your coffee grounds to ensure an even extraction every time.



Consistency - Shots and steam pressure to be incredibly consistent on an R58. Due to the fact that this beauty is a dual boiler, each insulated copper boiler is dedicated to one function - either steaming or brewing. From an engineering standpoint, you can't beat it.

Steam Pressure - The R58 offers exceptional steam pressure. Looking for some latte art? The R58 will help you get that velvety-smooth milk texture you'll be needing.


Product Details

Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray
Drip Tray Cover Material
Stainless Steel
Water Tank Access
Water Tank Capacity (l)
Water Source
Boiler Configuration
Number of Boilers
Brew Boiler Material
Steam Wand Material
Stainless Steel
Brew Group Type
Brew Group Size (mm)
Pump Type
Rotatory Pump
Depth (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)


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