Buy Profitec PRO700 Espresso Machine in Saudi Arabia, Khobar

Profitec PRO700 Espresso Machine

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10,850 SAR
  • PID Temperature Control
  • E61 Group Head
  • Rotary Pump
  • Shot Timer


Profitec has developed high-end, handmade espresso machines since the 90's. Their machines are not just a thing of beauty but also user-friendly as well. Isn't it nice to finally have an espresso at the comfort of your home. Profitec espresso machines does that for you.


Dual Boiler - Dual boiler espresso machines have dedicated brew and steam boilers, allowing you to pull shots and steam milk at the same time, making for an efficient and streamlined experience. With independent temperature control, you can also dial in the perfect temperature to make your roast of choice shine.

E61 Group Head - The E61 group head was designed in 1961; the fact that it's still around speaks to its reliability. This style of group head allows for mechanical pre-infusion while also exuding romantic espresso machine style.

PID Temperature Control - PIDs allow the most precise temperature adjustment and control of boilers by continuously calculating the amount of power needed to maintain the target temperature. They also allow more detailed information to be displayed to the user than digital temperature controlled systems.

Direct Plumb - Direct plumbing means you can hook a machine directly a water line and never have to worry about refilling your reservoir again. These machines also allow you to connect the drip tray to a drain so you don't have to make that tightrope walk to the sink.

Rotary Pump - The rotary vane pump offers whisper quiet performance just like your favorite cafe’s machine. This super-robust design also allows plumb-ability.

Shot Timer - Shot timers measure the brew time from the time the pump is activated. This information is extremely helpful for dialing in an espresso grinder to the ideal 25-second 1.5oz shot, and maintaining consistency.


Switchable Water Source - The Profitec Pro 700 is not limited to either a water reservoir or plumbing. Large water reservoirs are always available for portability, but the plumbing line is also included and switching the water source between them is a breeze.

Large Drip Tray - An often overlooked feature in home espresso machines, the drip tray on Profitec machines is large. What this means for you is less emptying and cleaning.

Large Reservoir - The 3 liter water reservoir will have you rarely re-filling your machine.

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