Buy La Marzocco GS/3 Automatic Espresso Machine in Saudi

La Marzocco GS/3 Automatic Espresso Machine

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25,818 SAR
  • Dual PID Temperature Stabilization
  • Dual Stainless Steel Boilers
  • Plumbable & Switchable
  • No Burn Steam Nozzle


This La Marzocco GS/3 Automatic Espresso Machine surpasses all anticipations for home espresso equipment. With its programmable PID massive water capacity and an E61 commercial group head set it apart from any other machine of its size. Its classic style looks and feels great, but what really stands out is the La Marzocco's performance when it comes to brewing your perfect cup at home.

The La Marzocco comes in two versions. This automatic version where it features a volumetric functionality. Which lets you set up the volume of water you want to use for you espresso. And the manual paddle version which incorporates a paddle based extraction system. It has a periscope style pressure gauge, this allows you to manually pressure profile your espresso. This means you can change the brew time and brew pressure during the extraction process which lets you optimize your espresso.


Dual PID Temperature Stabilization - Each of the stainless steel boiler contains PID, this allows the home brewer to manually change the boiler temperature. This will ensure your cup is perfectly customized to your preferred temperature all the time.

Dual Stainless Steel Boilers - Dual boilers allows you to brew and steam simultaneously. With a 1.5 liter brew boiler and 3.5 liter steam boiler, La Marzocco is specifically dedicated to each function of consistency in steaming and brewing pressure all the time.

No Burn Steam Nozzle - Feel free to touch your steam wand with your bare hands. No need to be scared of, it's a no burn nozzle.

E61 Heated Brew Head - This is the standard when it comes to brew heads. The E61 brew head retains heat and will ensure you consistent warm espresso shots time after time. You probably shouldn't consider it if it doesn't have and E61.

Rotary Pump - The La Marzocco rotary pump keeps the noise level down and also allows you to adjust pump pressure. Don't be fooled by the quiet noise, this machine is still powerful.

Pre-Infusion - This is essential in bringing out the full flavors and aromas from your coffee beans. The La Marzocco will evenly douse your coffee grounds for and even and flawless extraction.


Large Drip Tray - The most common complaints on home machines is the size of the drip tray. Small drip trays allows frequent emptying which can be tiresome. The La Marzocco comes with an abnormally large drip tray which lets you limit the amount of emptying and lets you spend more time preparing that soothing cup for you.

Plumbable & Switchable - The La Marzocco GS/3 can be plumbed directly to your water source. This saves time filling and refilling your water tank. In addiction, you can also switch to its 3.5 liter reservoir which features and opening for easy refill.

Gorgeous Stainless Steel Construction - The La Marzocco's simplistic design will instantly pop on your kitchen counters.

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