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Pro-Fondi Filter Basket Cleaning System

Pro-Fondi Filter Basket Cleaning System

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  • Hygienic Way of Disposing
  • Avoids Injuries
  • Noise Free
  • Stainless Steel


Quick and easy to use, the Pro-Fondi has significant benefits over the traditional method of using a knock-box for waste. It is far less abrasive, which means that there is less damage to the filters and groups – thus, in turn, improving the life of both. Pro-Fondi is also far quieter than the noise produced by enthusiastic baristas cleaning the filters, which positively adds to the atmosphere of the venue. In addition, any waste is stored more hygienically within a neat waste bag housed conveniently out-of-sight under the equipment within the counter space.

Pro-Fondi's machine is truly revolutionary, it automatically cleans your filter holder from any residual coffee.

  • Noiseless - No more combing of coffee grounds: a silent electric low-voltage (12v) system drives a rotor fitted with special stainless steel springs designed for cleaning of the filter from 1 and 2 dose coffee grounds. The system significantly improves the acoustic comfort of your premises.
  • Easy - Using it is easy: simply insert the filter-holder into the relevant slot and extract it perfectly clean after just one second.
  • Ergonomic - Inserting the filter-holder into Pro-Fundi requires no effort of the hand, wrist or forearm.
  • Clean - The waste coffee grounds fall by gravity into the bag placed beneath the device without any dispersion onto the base. This prevents the presence of insects caused by the grounds under the base.
  • Optimizes the filter cleaning improving the result in the cup (from tests performed in laboratories of roasting).
  • Avoid soiling the footboard.
  • Avoid replacing filters and abrasion of the groups.
  • Faster than traditional beating.
  • Avoid injury to the arm and shoulder.
  • Does not require special maintenance and cleaning.
  • Avoid the obstruction of the old knock box to the operator.

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