The Product I received looks different than what I ordered!

Manufacturers may change or update their packaging without notifying their retailers. It's possible that you have the same product you're used to, but it has a new look. Please verify that the product is not simply the same product, only labeled differently.

Items included as part of a bundle, or as a “Gift with Purchase” may be substituted at our discretion prior to shipment.

If what you received is not that same as what you ordered, contact a member of our Customer Service team immediately to report the discrepancy.

How Fresh is Your Coffee?

All of our coffee sold as “New” is shipped with at least 30 days remaining before reaching its “Best By” date, as listed on the package. This date is a recommendation by the manufacturer. Coffee marked down as part of a Flash Sale, as Clearance, or otherwise indicated as past the Best By date, may have fewer than 30 days remaining or has already passed its Best By date.

The coffee I received tastes bad!

It's possible that the coffee is better suited to different preparation and brewing techniques than you're used to. Our coffee selection is large and it can be easy to choose a product without fully understanding how different brewing techniques affect what pours into your cup. We strongly recommend reviewing our videos on extraction.

We strongly advise trying the smallest available size of any coffee variety before purchasing multi-packs or bulk quantities, as taste is subject to individual preference. Each bag, brick, pod, or unit of coffee is representative of that product’s flavor profile as a whole.

Coffee is a consumable product and is not eligible for return.

My product has water, grounds, or finger prints in or on it!

Many of our coffee makers, grinders, and espresso machines have been tested by their respective manufacturer. Because of this, you may find small amounts of water, water spotting, coffee residue, coffee grounds or finger prints on and within NEW products. This is not an indicator that a product has been used or is defective.

Testing is done by the manufacturer to ensure the quality and functionality of your product.

Can I return part of a bundle, package, or discounted set?

When you purchase a bundle, package, or gift set, the price of each included item is often lower than the regular retail value if purchased separately. If you return one or more items from a bundle, package, or gift set, the refund will reflect the discounted price of the item based off of the package price. You will not receive full retail value for the bundle, package, or gift set item returned.

I purchased a product but now it’s on sale. What can be done?

Sales, Special Deals, or other promotional savings cannot be applied retroactively or to orders that have already been placed.

Can I cancel or return my order and purchase it at a lower price?

Please review our terms and conditions governing Cancelled and Returned orders. Cancelled, intercepted, and re-routed orders will be subject to additional fees.

Can I use a coupon or discount code on an order I’ve already placed?

Coupon codes cannot be applied to orders that have been placed and processed.

Adding a coupon removed free shipping!

Should a coupon reduce your order total to below the required amount for free shipping, you will be required to pay shipping for the products on your order.

Coupons/Discount Code Exclusions

Some products may be ineligible for our coupons and promotions.

Products categorized as "Used" and "Open Box" are excluded from all coupons.

All parts are excluded from all coupons.

All non-Qavashop Fulfilled products are excluded from coupons.

Qavashop reserves the right to make any changes to coupons or discounts at any time.

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