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MIBRU V60 Coffee Maker Set Of 7pcs + Free Coffee Beans & Accessories

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V60 coffee drip kit, a drip set of 7 coffee pieces ?? gift Coffee Cleaning Set 4 in 1 Espresso coffee tools

? ☕ ⛾ V60 specialty coffee set of 7 pieces by distillation

『☕』1- Water jug V60 distillation kettle with 600ml lid

『☕』2- Electronic coffee scale kitchen scale

『☕』3- Manual coffee grinder

『☕』4- Server 02 medium size 600ml glass coffee pot server

『☕』5- Coffee Funel and distillation funnel size 02 suitable for 1 to 4 coffee cups

『☕』6- V60 drip coffee filter paper

Side gift set of cleaning tools for coffee, roaster, coffee tables and coffee machine, with a coffee bag suitable for distilled coffee

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