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Monin is the world's largest and leading producer of the finest flavored gourmet sauces, flavored syrups, fruit purees and fruit smoothie mixes. Founded over 100 years ago by Georges Monin, in the heart of a small city of Bourges, France. From then on, he quickly established Monin as a leader in quality fruit syrup with a motto "Le Passion de la Qualité" or "Passion for Quality." Through the years, Monin is still a family owned business and has made a name for itself and because of that Monin is now being distributed to more than 140 countries. With their growing business, they now have four production companies, one in the USA, two in Europe and one in Malaysia.

Producing premium quality syrups that are all natural has always been Monin's ideology. They point out that the quality of the fruit they use is greater than the percentage of juice used. Their syrup can be used in countless beverages. With no fat or cholesterol, you can never go wrong with Monin products.

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