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The company Mazzer was born between the two wars on the initiative of Luigi Mazzer, born in 1912. "La Veneta", founded as a precision mechanical workshop, in the late 40s specializes in the construction of professional grinders and coffee mills, gaining in the following years with the acquisition of the Mazzer name a position of absolute primacy in the world. The passion for mechanical engineering, the love for things "made to perfection", the vocation to excellence and the drive to continuous improvement, have remained the hallmarks of a reality that looks at the future with intelligence the values ​​that have led it to become a leader in the sector are firmly established.

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Espresso Grinders

Mazzer Mini Electronic A Coffee Grinder

2,499 SAR 2,999 SAR
Grinder-Doser with Flat Blades Stepless Micrometrical Grinding Adjustment Electronic Dosing Available in Black or Polished (Aluminum)
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