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3 Seeds is an independent roaster and coffee bar located in Saudi Arabia. It specializes in producing freshly roasted beans for making high-quality coffee beverages. The company is aware of all the challenges associated with the roasting and processing of the beans because they also run their own coffee shops. They source the best green beans from around the world, all of their coffee blends are freshly roasted and tested to make sure they bring out the best flavor.

3 Seeds has a wide range of coffee selection to choose from. The 3 Seeds Honduras La Julia Whole Beans Coffee is just one of the blends that you can get from the company. It is made from 100% pure Arabica beans that are medium roasted. The packaging ensures that the coffee stays fresh longer. The 3 Seeds Ethiopia Sidama Filter Coffee is another blend you should try.

Single Origin

3 Seeds Colombia Coffee 250g

3 Seeds
55 SAR
Whole Bean 250g Cocoa, Grapefruit, Hazelnut  1400-1900 masl
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