Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Bean Grind Size - with Hand Crank Mill - Ideal for Fresh Espresso at Home

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  • [New and improved portable coffee machine]- Compact design, effortless grinding, provides precise and uniform grinding for different types and roasting levels of coffee. Savor the rich taste of freshly ground coffee and enjoy the happiness that follows.
  • [Simple Manual grinding] - With a precisely controlled point-to-point regulator, more than 5 manual grinding Settings are available for fine or coarse coffee ground. Suitable for different styles of coffee, including French press coffee, drip coffee, espresso, pour coffee, Turkish coffee. With this burr coffee grinder, you can effortlessly create delicious and unique coffee flavors to suit your preferences.
  • [Perfect design]- Keeping clean is crucial to maintaining the quality and taste of your coffee. The coffee grinder is designed with a non-stick surface of glass and metal and wood materials to prevent coffee grounds from sticking to it. 

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