Baratza ForteBg Brew Grinder Metal Burr

Baratza ForteBg Brew Grinder Metal Burr

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The Forte-BG Brew Grinder is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a commercial-grade grinder. This award-winning product belongs to Baratza’s line of high quality grinders


  • The Forte-BG Brew Grinder is equipped with 54 mm flat steel burrs that are ideal for accurate grindings results.

  • The Forte-BG Brew Grinder has a weight-based dosing feature. The user can set your desired weight and the unit will do the measuring while grinding and automatically stop when the desired weight is reached.

  • The unit is equipped with a backlit and easy to use LCD touchscreen that is intuitive.

  • The  Forte-BG Brew Grinder comes with a an easy to remove hopper. It is designed to prevent beans from falling down though chute. At  10.5 oz. this hopper is larger than other Baratza hoppers.

  • It has three buttons for programming. When programming you can choose the duration of the process or the weight of the dose.

  • Comes with a cast zinc tool for removing the burrs.

  • The Forte-BG is equipped with a motor that is 70% more powerful than the one used in the Vario.

  • RPM of Burrs: 1950

Baratza is known as one of the best makers of coffee grinders in the world. Their products are used in coffee shops everywhere and the  Forte-BG is one of their latest offerings.

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