Why should I sell my machine on Qavashop?
If you list your machine on Qavashop your machine will be in front of thousands of buyers who are looking to buy coffee machines, and your transaction is secured and safe, and will sell fast.
How do I get paid?
Once the machine is delivered, and the buyer is happy with it, you will get paid within 14 days. Payment will be deposited directly to your bank account. In case you chose Qavashop Voucher Payment Method, you will receive an email with your code.
How much is Qavashop’s commission?
0% commission when you choose a Qavashop voucher, and 20% commission if you choose cash payout option.
What is Qavashop Suggested Price?
When you’re selling a machine, it can be hard to know the best price to set for your equipment. That’s why we created a feature called Qavashop Suggested Price, which draws on data from our experience to suggest a price for your item.
How do I start selling?
Very simple, go to your “My account” dashboard and select “Sell your item” then follow the procedure. If you have any questions you can contact Customer Service.
How do I know my machine has been sold?
You will receive an email with the order information as soon as your item is sold.
How do I pack the machine for shipping?
Follow the instructions provided in the How-to prepre your machine for shipping page. You may buy boxes from your neighborhood Saco or any other packaging solution store.
How is the machine scheduled for pick-up?
Once your machine is sold, you can go to ‘My Account’ dashboard and select ‘My Used Orders’ and change your order status to ‘Ready for Pick-up’.
What happens if the buyer does not like the machine?
Return policy is 3 days of the delivery date. If the item has no mechanical/technical problems then the buyer will ship back the item at his cost.


What is the return policy?
You can return the item you purchased within 3 days of the delivery date and receive a full refund. The machine has to return to the seller in its original condition.
Are those items checked/tested by Qavashop?
These items are sold by individual sellers, and were not tested by Qavashop team. However, you can read all the information provided by the seller regarding the machine or contact our customer service.

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