Trismoka Caffe Brasil 70 Coffee Beans 1 Kg

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  • Whole Beans Coffee
  • Hazelnut and Walnut Aftertaste
  • Italian Roast
  • 1 Kilogram


Trismoka Caffe has been all about promoting the culture of a great espresso, which means much more than just selecting and distributing the best quality coffee for cafes. They use great skill in roasting their beans, as well as a huge attention when it comes to preparation, giving their beans the much more flavor that you need for your daily sip. Trismoka Caffe recognizes the responsibility specialty roasters have in the intersecting position between farmer, consumer and economically and environmentally sustainable practices.

Medium-Low Caffeine

This coffee blend has a medium-low caffeine level with 70% Arabica composed by Central America Arabica such as Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil. It’s also natural and washed Robusta from India and Congo.

Toast and Jam Flavors

Trismoka Caffe Brasil is totally creamy with a long lasting persistence and a strong body texture. It has an aftertaste of hazelnut and walnut and is slightly bitter. Farms have unique processing practices, and each farm adds its own special touch to the coffee beans; however, all farms conform to the same coffee standards to ensure a high-quality product. Available in 1 kg bag.

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