Lavazza Filtro Classico Ground Coffee 1 kg

Lavazza Filtro Classico Ground Coffee 1 kg

Filtro Classico (Packet 1 Kg)
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72 SAR
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  • 100% Pure Arabica
  • Medium Coarse Ground
  • Excellently Roasted
  • Intensed Spicy Flavor


Lavazza is another household brand, famous for their coffee across generations. The Lavazza Filtro Classico ground coffee is a popular, professional blend combining the best intensity of South America beans and the spicy fragrance from the African Arabica coffees, the Lavazza is simply extraordinary by any standard. It provides an intense aroma and a rich aftertaste with unique chocolaty notes. It is an ideal ground coffee for making espresso-based beverages, yet also appropriate for people who enjoy a standard cup of coffee. Nothing will prevent you from taking a sip of coffee made from the Lavazza Filtro Classico Ground Coffee.




Impressive Taste

If you want to savor some unique coffee flavors, the Filtro Classico is a great option. And Lavazza doesn’t disappoint in that regard with this premium blend of certified 100% pure Arabica coffee. The brand only sources from the top 2% of arabica growers in the world. And do have some impressive certifications, including FairTrade and Organic. The flavor is very bittersweet, chocolaty, intensed and spicy, reminiscent of cocoa and brown sugar.



Fresh from the Pack

The secret behind the rich, flavorful, and aromatic coffee is Lavazza's unique premium blending expertise, one that recommends them as some of the best ground coffee manufacturers in the industry. Medium roasted for a remarkable taste, Fresh roasted and immediately packed and sealed in 1 kilogram of ground coffee to assure freshness.


Product Details

Roasting Date
July 5, 2017
Expiry Date
January 4, 2019
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