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Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso Machine

The Nuova Simonelli Musica espresso machine is dedicated to those who want to enjoy a fresh cup of espresso at home, or in the office.

Musica’s professional features mean it can give anyone the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a good home barista when making excellent espressos and creamy cappuccinos.



Visible Pressure Gauge - For checking pressure in the boiler tank; water temperature is stabilised by an efficient heat exchanger inside the boiler tank, which also guarantees that there is always a great amount of steam available for foaming milk.

Pre-Infusion System - Allows all of the noble substances in the coffee to be extracted to the full. The hot water nozzle can be programmed to provide set doses so it is possible to prepare other types of hot beverage in just a few seconds.

Heat Exchanger - The Musica contains heat exchanging capabilities. This allows the user to steam espresso shots and milk at the same time. A wonderful time-saving feature not found on most single boiler espresso machines. Built for consistency, HX espresso machines have become the standard for espresso at home as they yield consistent espresso shots all day long.

4 Hole Tip Steam Wand - The swiveling 4-hole tip stainless steel steam wand is of commercial quality and guarantees improved steaming. Also fitted with a no-burn sleeve for safe adjustment.

Thermosyphon System - This system keeps water flowing from the boiler to the brew group - an essential component to consistently warm espresso. In addition, it helps your coffee grounds or "puck" to be easily emptied after use.

Water Reservoir - The Musica has a 3 liter water reservoir and can be accessed from the top of the machine behind the cup warming tray.


NSF Approved - The Nuova Simonelli Musica is one of the only prosumer espresso machines certified for commercial use. Suitable for a small to medium sized café, food truck, office environment or in your kitchen, rest assured the Musica is NSF certified.

Steam Performance - This machine will have your milk hot and frothed in no time. The actual knob to turn on the steam wand is one of our new favorites. It features a simple slide up and down, which opens up the valve.

Design - The hard wearing style of stainless steel, which features largely on the bodywork has an elegant and compact design reminiscent of a harp shape.

Nuova Simonelli MDX On Demand Grinder

The MDX On-Demand is one of our most popular on-demand grinders. Perfect for medium size shops, this grinder can quickly and accurately dose high-quality shots in a matter of seconds. A feature that will be appreciated in any shop especially when combined with the ability to program dosages. If you're looking to improve consistency and efficiency this might just be the machine for you.

Nuova Simonelli MDX on Demand is a fully automatic espresso grinder with a micrometric grinding regulation. The grinder has special, high-quality stainless steel bursts that last for a long time and produces the optimal grind quality. MDX on Demand updates the old favorite MDX with more automation. The renewed user interface and display make using the grinder easier.

The new MDX On Demand is a professional grinder that ensures high quality for medium-sized locales, up to 3 to 9 kg per day.

The MDX comes equipped with a 2-pound bean hopper, 65mm flat steel burrs, and can accommodate a variety of high volume situations. One defining feature of this model is the LCD display screen that can be used to program up to two accurate dosing options.


The MDX also comes with other great features like a coffee counter, portafilter holder, LED illumination and an adjustable coffee spout for flexibility and convenience.


Micrometric grind adjustment - Allows for infinite and stepless control of grind coarseness.

Simplified maintenance - MDX is designed for easier and faster technical assistance. This means maximum reliability and low maintenance costs.

Electronic display - Makes setting and controlling the grinding simple and intuitive.

Portafilter Hook - Hands-free grinding increases efficiency on the bar.


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