Arzum Okka (OK0012- RK) Rich Automatic Turkish Coffee and Hot Beverage Maker, Black/Chrome

OK0012- RK
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ARZUM OKKA RICH represents the latest technology reached in making TURKISH COFFEE with perfect TASTE and CONSISTENCY at the push of a button and in minutes. Its STAINLESS STEEL cooking pot incorporates a STAINLESS STEEL mixer to ensure homogeneous and foamy TURKISH COFFEE. SMART OVERFLOW PREVENTION and AUTO BREWING ALTITUDE DETECTION systems 
Main Features:

1) The advantage of slow preparation to prepare Turkish coffee that tastes like that prepared on hot coals

2) Automatically detects the water level and adjusts the coffee brewing time accordingly ensuring the same great taste every time

3) Turkish coffee on its origins with its wonderful taste and rich foam

4) Classic and strong Turkish coffee function

5) 1-5 cups capacity

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