Pullman Nexus Pro Tamper Black

Pullman Nexus Pro Tamper Black

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380 SAR
  • Sturdy
  • Bottom-Heavy
  • Light Weight
  • Maximum Control and Feel


This tamper is something that both professionals or amateur baristas would be delighted to use due to its heavy pressure and ergonomic design. The Pullman Barista tampers are simply great tampers. Many baristas and home baristas worldwide have proved their durability and functionality, and dubbed to be one of the best tampers available in the market.

Every Pullman Tamper is designed to enhance the performance, as well as cover the aesthetic aspects.

  • The handle is made of high-impact Acetal plastic and the base is a solid stainless steel.
  • The TrueTamp guide rings help keep the tamper level to ensure an even, repeatable tamp and consistently richer extractions.
  • This tamper is easily cleaned with a cloth. It is warm to touch with the Black Acetal handle providing balance and suited to coffee makers that like to knock the portafilter (group handle) with the side of the handle rather than the top.
  • When assembled the black acetal tamper weighs 415g.

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