Pullman Bigstep Tamper, Wenge Wood

Pullman Bigstep Tamper, Wenge Wood

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686 SAR
  • Fabulous Look
  • Bigger and Better
  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • Even Pucks


Pullman's Big Step tamper has great heft and balance, and the precisely machined parts exhibit obvious craftsmanship. This is a tool you'll be happy to use every day, and one you'll want to take great care of.

  • The patent-pending piston is designed to snugly fit the Pullman Filtration Basket, as well as VST-style ridgeless baskets (58.70 mm diameter or larger).
  • Gives you full compaction with little to no residual grounds on the side-walls.
  • Compacts your puck fully and evenly across the entire surface, which greatly helps in reducing edge channeling and donut extractions, and can increase extraction yields.
  • The tapered step in the base design reduces suction while removing the tamper, so dislodged or fractured pucks are much less of an issue.
  • Made of Wenge Wood to match your style.

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