Pullman Bigstep Tamper Blue

Pullman Bigstep Tamper Blue

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577 SAR
  • Even and Compact Pucks
  • Superior Materials
  • Elegant Look
  • 58.55mm


The Pullman Bigstep Tamper is the next BigStep to tampering for home baristas. Originating from discussions with a veteran barista champion, the BigStep base was born out of his desire for a base with the highest possible useable tolerance in size for competition baskets. You too could be a barista champion in your home.

  • Compacts your puck fully and evenly across the entire surface, which greatly helps in reducing edge channeling and donut extractions, and can increase extraction yields.
  • Made from 440 grade stainless steel stainless steel (MKII 440C), so they're hard enough to stand up to busy bar use and will hold their edge longer than the previous 630 grade stainless.
  • Gives you full compaction with little to no residual grounds on the side-walls.
  • Big Step tamper includes three handle spacers to adjust the handle height to your preference.
  • Ergonomically designed grip helps to ease finger strain throughout the day.

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