Buy Joefrex Flat Tamper Base 49 mm in Saudi Arabia, Khobar

Joefrex Flat Tamper Base 49 mm

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99 SAR
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compatible with Joefrex Tamper Handles
  • Tamper Base
  • 49mm


Build your own custom tamper by starting with these Joefrex Tamper Handles. The best espresso extraction is achieve with finely ground coffee that has been tamped evenly. A good tamper is sturdy, precise, ergonomic, consistent, and easily cleaned and Joefrex is the right one for you. This 58mm Flat Stainless Steel Base is compatible with all Joefrex handles. Choose your preferred handle and match it with a base to achieve your personal tamper requirement. This item is the Base only and requires a handle.

  • Made with premium stainless steel. Hefty weight but not overly heavy.
  • Flat and smooth bottom distributes pressure evenly and makes it easy to tamp down coffee.
  • Perfectly ergonomic. Feels great with a Joefrex Tamper Handle. Convenient press.
  • Features a black silicone ring which enables you to gently tap it against the portafilter to shake the coffee grains back into the filter before tamping again.
  • Wipe with wet towel. Hand wash only.

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