Buy Bottomless Portafilter for La Marzocco in Saudi Arabia

Bottomless Portafilter for La Marzocco

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161 SAR
  • Better Quality Espresso
  • Inclined Plastic Handle
  • Suitable for: La Marzocco, Faema, Brasilia B61, Aurora-Brugnetti, Futurmat.
  • Easy to Clean


This DVG Bottomless portafilter is a wonderful training tool. See how your shots are being extracted as it happens. Is it even? Is it extracting too fast? Too slow? The DVG Bottomless portafilters show you where you need to improve. The extractions look pretty cool too!


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1 Reviews

سؤال ؟
هل تنفع لجهاز اوسكار تو ؟

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