Rhinowares Domestic Knock Box Black

Rhinowares Domestic Knock Box Black

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159 SAR
VAT Included
  • Durable Rubber Bar
  • Great Capacity for Entertaining
  • Rubber Base
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Black
  • Red
  • Polished



Rhino Coffee Gear Domestic Knock Box makes it a great addition to any coffee bench set up at your home. The thick non-slip silicone base means the tube will stay in place while using and while the tube takes a beating, your bench wont!

  • Great capacity for entertaining, or just a busy household.
  • Safe for dishwasher (remove rubber rod first)
  • Rubber base made to stay put.
  • Durable rubber bar is easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. Rubber coated rod for quiet operation.
  • Will hold around 20 pucks of coffee.

Dimensions: 135 mm x 150mm (5.31 in x 5.90 in)

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