Buy Joefrex Barista Cloth in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam

Joefrex Barista Cloth

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41 SAR
  • Premium Microfiber
  • Quick and Easy Clean
  • Great for Bench-tops
  • 2 Sided Cloth
  • Black
  • Brown


The Joefrex steam cloth is perfect for cleaning a wide range of surfaces without the need for detergents. The cloth work best dry or slightly damp and will bring out the shine on your coffee equipment and other kitchen appliances. It is really great on stainless steel or on chrome and will not leave any watermarks.

  • Features 3 layers made out of microfiber and silicone.
  • The special integrated silicone layer prevents steam and hot water from penetrating the cloth and enables you to wipe the steam lance while steaming.
  • The white side is for wiping the steam wand.
  • The dark side to clean surfaces and other parts of the machine.
  • Assist in quick and easy cleaning of stainless steel and other hard surfaces leaving the machine and surrounds looking great.
  • Versatile cleaning cloth for keeping bench-tops, work surfaces and machine exteriors clean as a whistle.
  • Available in black and brown colors.

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