Hario V60 Coffee Glass 10oz/300ml

Hario V60 Coffee Glass 10oz/300ml

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65 SAR
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Double-Wall Insulated
  • Easy Grip
  • Made in Japan


Enjoy long-lasting hot coffee from this Hario V60 Coffee double-wall insulated glass that will provide superior insulation. This single cup holds 300ml. Makes a great gift for a coffee drinker. The first thing most people need when they wake up in the morning is a hot beverage. If you haven't had yours there is a good chance you're going to spend the day cranky. We all know it's hard though, the mug is too hot to pick up, by the time you can pick it up the drink is too cold to enjoy. That is where this mug comes in. It is double wall insulated to make sure that the drink inside stays hot and the mug on the outside stays cool.

  • Double-wall construction: provides superior insulation - enables hot beverages to stay hot longer - exterior stays temperature neutral; easy-to-handle.
  • The exterior stays temperature neutral making these coffee cups easy-to-handle.
  • Ribbed sides made for easy gripping.
  • Great for use with both hot & cold beverages.
  • Fits well with a V60 Pour-Over dripper on top of it.

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