Pallo Coffee Wrench

Pallo Coffee Wrench

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  • All in One Tool
  • Can be Bottle Opener
  • Gasket Probe
  • Easy to Use


Pop it, twist it, scrape it, screw it...the Pallo Caffeine Wrench will let you do all that and more. This black-and-steel home barista tool will not only save space in your kitchen, but will also help you manage common espresso brewing tasks.

  • Size Matters - The Caffeine Wrench has three different sized wrenches: 8mm, 12mm and 13mm sizes.
  • Bendy - Some group assemblies are held in with a 7mm or 8mm hex bolt. The bend allows for easy access to this area.
  • Save Your Fingernails - The basket pry makes it easy to pop the basket from your portafilter handle. Slide the basket-pry/screwdriver under the lip of the basket and turn the tool like you would a house key.
  • Pallo Says - The gasket probe can be used to remove soft gaskets for maintenance and replacement from many different groups.
  • Better Than Any Improvised Kitchen Tool - using this wrench to pop out stubborn filter baskets from portafilters is where this tool gets the most use.

The notch in the 12mm is a bottle opener.

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