Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder

Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder

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Getting a great tasting cup of coffee goes way beyond the actual coffee making process. Everything from the quality of the beans to be used, down to the actual equipment matters. It goes without saying that the way the beans are ground will have an effect on the quality of the drink which will be produced. This is why you need to get an equipment like the Rocket Fausto Coffee Grinder.


  • The Fausto is Rocket’s home grinder option. It has the same size as the Mazzer mini-e but is a lot more powerful and faster.

  • At the heart of the Fausto is a 500 W motor which is the most powerful in its class. It’s not surprising that it can deliver 14 grams within 8 seconds, making it the fastest grinder within its size category.

  • The Fausto is very easy to use, all you have to do is to place your group handle right below the dispenser, select the dose and the right amount of coffee will be ground.

  • The Fausto is a grind on demand grinder, which helps in ensuring the freshness of the grounds which your will be using.

  • It comes with a digital display which also features a shot counter. This feature let’s you know the total number of shots you gave ground with the machine.

  • Like other Rocket machines, the Fausto is not only convenient, effective, and practical, it is also great to look at. Available in matte black or chrome, it can be a great addition to any kitchen.

With the Fausto, you are getting a machine which packs a lot of power for its size. You are going to get value for your money with this grinder.


Rocket Espresso was founded by  Andrew Meo who is from New Zealand and  Daniele Berenbruch from Italy. The company has a unique philosophy and approach when it comes to manufacturing its products. The founders believe in combining the best and latest technology with time-honed craftsmanship. Rocket Espresso machines are truly works of art. The aesthetics of the design make them great additions to any kitchen. These machines are made in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’, which means ‘made by hand’.

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