Varietal Café El Rincon COE from Mexico 250g

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105 SAR
  • Whole Bean
  • 250g
  • Tangerine Peel, Raisin, Dates, Fig, Coconut, Pineapple, Plum, Cedar
  • Natural
  • 1360 masl
  • Garnica Variety


The Farm El Rincon was bought by the great grandfather of Rodolfo Jimenez Ruedas since 1980. Nowadays, at his 22 years old this young producer has been working in his farm for the past two years. The size of the land is of 2.6 hectares, it is cultivated coffee plants and banana. The variety of coffee plant is Garnica. The shade of the land is given by trees such as Chalahuite, Oak, Equimite, Níspero, Jinicuil, Quibrache, Orange, Lemon and Lime. The producer can process naturals, honey and washed.

Product Details

Roast Level
Coffee Composition
100% Arabica
Brewing Style
Filter & Espresso
Coffee by Type
Country of Origin
250 g
Tasting Notes
Fruity & Complex


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