Buy Ramadan Coffee Calendar in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam
Buy Ramadan Coffee Calendar in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam
Buy Ramadan Coffee Calendar in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam
Buy Ramadan Coffee Calendar in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, Dammam

Ramadan Coffee Calendar

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332 SAR
  • 31 different single origins packs
  • Each pack is 50 g
  • Enjoy a unique and different cup of coffee every Ramadan night
  • 1 pack FREE to celebrate EID day


Ramadan Coffee Calendar is the perfect gift for your loved ones for this RAMADAN. This package is designed with 31 different kinds of single origins from around the world. 

30 Packs are for each day of Ramadan + 1 Complimentary pack for EID day. 

Details of all the packs inside is mentioned below.

  1. 3 Seeds Brazil Coffee Beans  
  2. 3 Seeds Colombia Whole Beans Coffee 
  3. 3 Seeds El Salvador Los Pirineos Whole Beans Coffee  
  4. 3 Seeds Ethiopia Sasaba Coffee Beans  
  5. Coyard Coffee Roasters Bonga Ethiopia 
  6. Coyard Coffee Roasters Bekele Ethiopia 
  7. Coyard Coffee Roasters El Salvador San Juan Bosco
  8. Artist Hub Honduras Danny Mereno "Filter" 
  9. Artist Hub Ethiopia Wonago 
  10. Artist Hub Papua New Guinea 
  11. Artist Hub Rwanda Rutsiro & Rubavu 
  12. Varietal Café El Rincon COE from Mexico
  13. Varietal Cafe Ethiopia Chelchele Natural 
  14. Varietal Café Las Delicias COE from El Salvador
  15. Alert Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo 
  16. Alert Coffee Mexico Chiapas Cristal 
  17. Bunista Colombia Huila Decaf
  18. Bunista Costa Rica Tio Juan-San Isidro
  19. Bunista Ethiopia Konga Sede
  20. Bunista Guatemala Huehuetenando Waykan
  21. Bunista Kenya Kichwa Tembo
  22. Bunista Blend
  23. Bunista Brazil Sera Negra
  24. Bunista Honduras Maracia
  25. Gardelli Herminio Ramirez (Peru)
  26. The Roasting House Kenya AA Kutere  Coffee Beans
  27. The Roasting House Yemen Mocha Harazi  Coffee Beans
  28. The Roasting House Java Estate Blawan
  29. New York Coffee Brazil
  30. New York Coffee Colombian
  31. New York Coffee Guatemala

Product Details


2 Reviews

ممتازة جداً من حيث التغليف والكمية
هناك سلبية واحدة فقط وهي عدم كتابة تاريخ التحميص ولكن عموماً كلها كانت حديثة الحمص .. بالتوفيق

جميلة الفكرة والتشكيلة
اختيارات جميلة ومتنوعة من القهوة

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