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Minor Figures Oat Milk Pack of 6

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  • Created especially for baristas

  • Foams to a silky-smooth texture, making it ideal for lattes

  • Dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans

  • No added sugar, stabilizers or preservatives

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Minor Figures' Oat Milk

Is a dairy-free, vegan milk alternative created especially for baristas. It foams to a silk-smooth texture with a steam wand. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, no dairy, no added sugar and no stabilizers or preservatives. Minor Figures Oat M*lk is made to be added to any roast profile or origin to add natural sweetness, density and balance. The oat taste in the product is subtle complementing the coffee taste.

Here are some tips for foaming OAT M*LK:

  • Ensure your Oat M*lk is chilled and ready for use
  • Make sure your dedicated milk foaming jug is clean and cold
  • Whilst foaming your milk, keep the steam wand in the center of the jug, rather than tilting it at an angle to make sure you’re left with a frothy, smooth and silky texture
  • Moving the jug down slowly as steaming begins to create the foam and micro bubbles. Patience and a steady pace is key
  • Measure the correct amount for each use, according to the cup size being made. This makes for an easier steaming process
  • Heat milk to 140F or 60C

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