Lucaffe Decaffeinated Coffee Beans 700 g

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112 SAR
  • 100% Pure Arabica
  • Decaffeinated
  • Exceptional Aroma
  • 700 Grams


The Lucaffe Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda at Padenghe sul Garda by Gian Luca Venturelli. It started as a small artisan coffee roaster and has grown over the last 15 years to be a significant supplier of coffee in Italy, and now the world. Retaining the care that only an artisan can supply and taking an active interest in each aspect of the roasting process, Lucaffe controls the growing of the bean to flavour at the cup.


Full-Bodied Espresso

This caffeine free alternative from Lucaffé is roasted of the sweetest and creamiest coffees. The goal is to be able to offer the same espresso enjoyment as the caffeinated options. A soft and full-bodied espresso. A truly original mix of Arabic coffees. Decaffeinated by an absolutely natural process. A true coffee without the undesired effects of caffeine.

Excellent taste, with a genuinely exceptional aroma.

Original Blend

An original blend of naturally decaffeinated quality 100% Arabica coffee of the sweetest and creamiest kind that gives the satisfaction of drinking an excellent espresso, without the side effects of caffeine. A very gentle flavour, full body, excellent froth and a very pleasing aroma.


Product Details

Coffee Composition
100% Arabica
Brewing Style
Coffee by Type
700 g
Tasting Notes


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