Hiroia Jimmy Smart Scale

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1,185 SAR
VAT Included
  • Dual Bluetooth Technology
  • Detachable Design 
  • Water Resistant
  • Precision to 0.1g
  • 6 different modes: scale, free, pour over, and 3 espresso modes



The JIMMY Smart Scale is a must have for any modern barista. Link with bluetooth to follow and track brew precision with the Hiroia app from Hario. Jimmy is the only scale of it's kind that allows you to detach the screen and connect by magnet to your espresso machine or work surface. Built in with 6 modes scale, free, pour over, and three espresso modes, this smart scale allows you to be in control and measure every aspect of your extraction. 


Model number: F-V-JIMMY-00-01
Scale dimensions: W120mm X D120mm X H19mm
Display screen dimensions: W120mm X D25mm X H25mm
Total dimensions: W120mm X D145mm X H25mm
Weight: 440g
Scale capacity: 2000g
Precision: 0.1g

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1 Reviews

Super User Friendly
Love this scale, it's super user friendly and great to timing espresso with precision.

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