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Buy Moccamaster Paper Filter No. 1 Cup One in Saudi Arabia

Moccamaster Paper Filter No. 1 Cup One

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14 SAR
VAT Included
  • A Cleaner Brew
  • Whitened Without Chlorine Chemicals
  • Won't Alter Coffee Flavor
  • 80 Filter Pack



A great coffeemaker deserves a top-quality filter. These premium paper filters are made in the Netherlands according to Technivorm’s precise specifications. The filters are bonded without using any chemicals or glues – and they’re naturally whitened using a bleach-free, oxygen-based method.

  • Use Moccamaster filter papers with your Moccamaster Cup-One filter machine to ensure exactly the right filtration time and to avoid the release of additional flavors from the filter paper to the coffee.
  • A white high-quality coffee filter that give your coffee justice.
  • The filter is environmentally friendly, oxygen bleached.
  • The FSC label guarantees that the Moccamaster filter papers are prepared respecting the principles of responsible forest management.
  • Will not allow sediment at the bottom of the cup like other filters will.

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