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Ilsa Diamante Drip Coffee Maker 6 Cups

Ilsa Diamante Drip Coffee Maker 6 Cups

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  • High Grade Materials
  • Flavorful Coffee
  • Perfect Pour Over
  • Italian Quality


With the Ilsa Diamante Drip Coffee Maker, you can make coffee using the Napoletana method. With its traditional method of brewing you will experience a more fragrant and tastier coffee than other coffee makers. This method is similar to using coffee filter. The main difference is that it uses a coffee maker that is composed of two parts.

  • The Ilsa Diamante Drip Coffee Maker is made from 99.5% aluminium.
  • It has two cylinders that are made from aluminum, which is an excellent conductor of heat.
  • Makes coffee for 6 Cups, approximately 1 oz per cup.
  • Aside from making coffee it can also be used for making barley.
  • Product capacity: 6 oz or 177 ml total volume

Using the Ilsa Diamante Drip Coffee Maker is a great way to experience the Napoletana method of coffee making.

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