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Joefrex Timer

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35 SAR
  • Large Digital Display
  • For a Perfect Shot
  • Magnetic
  • Loud Sounding Alarm


This timer is a kitchen or coffee making essential. The large LCD display is easy to read and the magnet on the back makes it convenient to use anywhere. Countdown or Count up in minutes and seconds up to 99 minutes 59 seconds 60 second alarm, magnetic back clip adheres to metal surfaces. Helps you time those perfect shots when making espresso and and time those coffee drips on your drip coffee. Large digital display, battery included.

  • Counts up and down: Perfect timer for monitoring your perfect shot, maximum time is 99 minutes 59 seconds 60 second alarm.
  • Large and clear display: High contrast bold digits make this timer easy to read from across the room.
  • Loud sounding alarm: The alarm is loud and clear, you will be able to hear the alarm from a distance.
  • Magnetic: Strong magnet on back sticks to metal surfaces, the timer is ideal for being used in the kitchen.

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