Brewista Double Wall Square Shot Glass 60 ml

Brewista Double Wall Square Shot Glass 60 ml

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37 SAR
VAT Included
  • Double Wall Insulated Glass

  • Maintains Temperature

  • Durable Borosilicate Glass

  • Easy to Grip


Great espresso requires a great shot glass. One that’s durable, easy to grip, and that looks the part, too. On this page, you’ll find exactly such a glass, courtesy of Brewista. At 60ml, it’s got the capacity for a shot of espresso, and the compactness to fit onto even the narrowest of shelves. It’s therefore a perfect addition to any kitchen setup.
  • With its thick, borosilicate glass walls, this item boasts brilliant heat-retention.
  • Due to its double-walled design, it’ll remain cool on the outside even when it’s holding scalding hot coffee.
  • Able to withstand all of the knocks that might be inflicted upon them, and so you can prepare your espresso in confidence.
  • Easy to clean out – just give it a rinse and a wipe when you’re done and you’ll be all ready for your next espresso.
We stock Brewista shot glasses in two different styles – there are round-bottomed ones and there are square-bottomed ones. On this page you’ll find an example of the latter.

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