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Rocket Water Reservoir Filter
Rocket Water Reservoir Filter

Rocket Water Reservoir Filter

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  • Reservoir Filter
  • Softens the Water
  • Improves Water Hardness
  • Filter Out Limescale


If you ask us, the best maintenance is preventive maintenance! Keep your Rocket espresso machine squeaky clean and working like new with the Rocket Water Reservoir Filter. What does the Rocket water filter do, you ask? It prevents the buildup of scale in your Rocket boilers!

  • The Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter is required to be primed by rinsing it under running water, then placing it inside the water tank. Failure to prime may cause it to float, hence not being efficient.
  • It absorbs the minerals and softens the water to improve coffee flavor and for better flow into the cup.
  • Improves water hardness that will slightly reduce scale buildup inside the boiler.
  • Made of resin and uses an activated carbon filtration system to filter out limescale, chlorine, and other unwanted impurities.
  • This handy filter will fit Appartamento, Mozzafiato, Giotto, R58 & R60 machines and many other brands with water tanks as well.
  • The Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter for espresso machines may last 6 to 12 months, but varies with usage.

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