Buy Rhinowares Pro Coffee Cupping Bowl 210 ml in Saudi Arabia

Rhinowares Pro Coffee Cupping Bowl 210 ml

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28 SAR
  • SCAA Type Cupping Bowl
  • Perfect Coffee and Espresso Cupping
  • Stackable and Dishwasher Safe
  • High Quality Ceramic


The Rhinowares Pro Coffee Cupping Bowl is an indispensable item for any coffee roasting facility, coffee lab or coffee shop carrying out coffee cuppings. SCAA standard calls for 7oz-9oz; this 7.5oz is preferred in order for roasters to stretch often small samples across the most number of cups (5 cups/bowls per coffee is standard) and still have a little leftover to throw on a pourover. This 7.5oz would take 11 grams of roasted coffee per SCAA cupping protocols.

  • High resistance to thermal shock helps to reduce breakage and chipping. Can withstand any fall from the cupping lab table, or off the side of a cliff at origin.
  • No fillers, allergens, heavy metals, or toxic mold release agents. BPA free, phthalate free, and zero androgenic or similarly suspicious chemicals.
  • Coffee Cupping bowl 7.5 oz 230ml for roasters, cupping and espresso tasting events.
  • The inside of the cup is painted black this prevents light bouncing from inside the coffee and nullifying any visual cue you may get from this. This focuses your cupping on taste only and eliminates clarity as a bias.

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