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Urnex Freez Ice Machine Cleaner 414ml

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110 SAR
VAT Included
  • An ice machine cleaning liquid for use on a variety of commercial ice systems as cycle-and-soak product.
  • Formulated from nickel-safe ingredients.
  • Contains a green dye to ensure proper rinsing and safe use.




Specifically formulated for use in all types of commercial ice and freezer systems, Urnex 15-FRZ12-14 14 oz. Freez nickel safe ice machine cleaner works as both a cycle and a soak cleaner. The citric acid based formula is effective and easy to use, plus it features a green dye that acts as a visual cue for workers.

  • Nickel-safe formula based on citric acid. 
  • Each bottle contains 5 cleaning doses. Green indicator dye for safety and proper rinsing. 
  • For use on all commercial ice systems as cycle and soak product.
  • It will not damage the surfaces of your ice machine, ice bin, or other cold storage unit.

How to use:

1.  Create solution of 3 oz of Freez with 1 gallon of water.

2.  Pump through the water distribution system for 10 minutes or as per machine manufacturer’s recommendation.

3.  Purge and rinse machine with potable water.

4.  Sanitize according to local guidelines.

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